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Прекрасный снимок, очень нравится! С уважением, assha1960 из Волгограда.

Wow, just a great photo, George. Reminds me of the 1950s propaganda film "VivaCuba!" - it's an absolutely fascinating look at that era. Like & Favorite!

An incredible shot! L&F

Thank you for the update. That was a sad story about the children who was killed. Nobody told me that in Cuba (ofcause).

Duanne, if you simply look on the map, you will see that it this picture is mapped on Calle 32 % Kholy y 41. This picture was taken in Feb 2002

Duanne, it is on the map. If you click on the map you will see as everone else has seen since 2007 that it is Calle 32.

Hi George

Love your photo and was wondering if I could use it on my website on my Cuba section (due to be uploaded in the coming week)

We'd be happy to credit you and/or link to any website.



George that is very interesting. I had thought the P-38 was an all aluminum airplane, except for the usual dope and fabric control surfaces.

Now for the next question; "How did that airplane get to Cuba?" A better question might be, "When did that airplane get to Cuba?? Before or after Fidel Castro?? And why a B-26 and not a B-25?

After Castro came to power, the US Government didn't like that, and supposedly tried to "assist" some displaced Cubans to come back and overthrow Castro, in what we now call "The Bay of Pigs" Fiasco.

As I understood it back in the 1960s, Kennedy's Bay of Pigs "INVASION" failed due a lack of "air support.

I recently heard an eyewitness account on Radio Havana and this guy told a very different story than our news media at that time.

The "BAY of PIGS" invasion began with an AIR ATTACK carried out by B-26s on Cuban Airfields close to the Bay of Pigs. Four of these airplanes, without US markings, were shot down by Cuban small arms fire..... mostly single shot weapons. The pilots and crewmembers in those aircraft all had US DRIVER'S Licenses and home addresses in the USA. (they were not ALL Cuban Expatriots.)

According to the eyewitness, Cuba only had about 6 aircraft to defend itself with... I Think 4 of the Cuban aircreaft were were also B26s. As the Cuban defenses drove the Invading force back into the sea; our eyewitness claims he saw a US aircraft carrier out in the distance to pick these defeated invaders up.

If he really saw an aircraft carrier out there... it "changes" the HISTORY I was aware of. The B-26 is a SINGLE-TAIL version of the Mitchell B-25 bomber, like Jimmy Dolittle used to fly over Tokyo. Thousands of B-25s were built... compared to a very few B-26s.

The single tail design allowed greater numbers of b-26s to be deployed from aircraft carriers.

It is quite possible the Cuban defense forces were able to "embarrass" and defeat a much greater INVASION force than anyone was aware of at the time.

Hi!! It is atractive display!!! CQ CQ CQ DE OK2SBT K ---

My geocaching name is ZDEFRAN from Czech republic.


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