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When I was younger, my mother told me that golf and photography were for rich folks. I should have listened to her. I don't do so well at the golf, spending most of my time looking like a drunken sailor staggering from side to side on the fairways, but this keeps me from spending too much time or money there. Unfortunately it's the photography bit that has taken the chunk out of my, ah, discretionary spending. Ah well, c'est la vie. I can be reached via my user name here

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Agreed. This is one of the reasons I support BLM's closure of dirt roads to limit access to areas. It really limits the knuckleheads from going out there and wrecking the place.

The underground certainly is nice during the summer. 120 degrees outside, 75 degrees underground. Easy choice!

You could probably file for a lost title on one of these. :)

A little steel wool and it would go great on a garage wall. My truck went on an anti-chrome modification. :)

Good info. Around that area, you can see the slurry slush that they washed down the creek. I wonder how polluted that material is?

From my research, this mine was primarily gold and silver. Some places list that Beryllium was also recovered.

It operated from the turn of the century around 1900 up until the early 1990's in on again, off again production.

the beautiful photo!

hey Jim ... a great panorama of this village and harbor ... it works especially well panning back-and-forth using the the "new" Panoramio format of "View the Original Image". Right-hand side, at magnification, centered on the space between the red and blue boats on the far shore: this segment in itself is a great photograph. Y'all have a great day, Wally

Nice shot! I like it!

@ not1word:

You actually "move dirt" to get a hole ? Me, I just do like they do in the cartoons, I open a box & toss down an ACME Instant Hole . It's a lot faster and it saves a lot of back-breaking labor .



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