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When I was younger, my mother told me that golf and photography were for rich folks. I should have listened to her. I don't do so well at the golf, spending most of my time looking like a drunken sailor staggering from side to side on the fairways, but this keeps me from spending too much time or money there. Unfortunately it's the photography bit that has taken the chunk out of my, ah, discretionary spending. Ah well, c'est la vie. I can be reached via my user name here

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zzyzxpat, Thank you for posting! You filled in a lot of information about the cabin that I had been wondering about for the past 25 years or so.

Perhaps you are familiar with the tales of the screaming banshee?

Hello Tom,

Amazing picture and landscape.

Like + Favorite.

Greetings from Santa Catarina, Brazil.

... uh huh ... Michael, I had already seen this shot of yours, but I had previously thought of my own caption (because I have a couple more similar shots to upload), so we can state the old idiom: "great minds think alike" ... I do, however, wonder where the man is aiming his camera (you think that's just a thought?) ... Viele Grüße, Wally

Thanks Corey, an old favorite of mine. Regards from Arizona.

Spectacular classic view of this incredible place!
Best wishes, Paolo

's where the gremlins hide out!

Another planet...

divine photograph!



Excellent photo, very nice view greetings from germany, luggi

Che immagine simpatica…essi sono disciplinati più degli umani,Like,cordialmente Antonio

Fancy finding this, buried deep in my album, Wiggy. Of course, this isn't on Google Earth, but I too enjoyed the patterns. :)

Cheers, Amelia



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