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Not on the streets... It's in the "People's garden" and I think that this monument is about the 700 Italian soldiers from "Aqui" division executed by the Germans during the world war 2 in Corfu

The land beyond the channel is Albania and not Greece

Today is not a realy touristic resort... Of course some tourists, mainly Serbs are visiting Vido and the momument... Almost the half of it is a camp ( municipal and scouts' ) and only a tavern is just a few meters from the boats' dock. A lot of rabbits and pheasants are everywhere on the island

It's "Arkoudilas" and not Arkoudoulis.... Arkoudoulis means something like baby-bear, because "arkouda" in greek means the "bear"

Thanks ! it's at Akoli beach

The photo at the Link

is at a beach called "Akoli" which means "without a bottom" because there is a swamp just beyond the shrubs deep enough which they believed it has not a bottom... So the swamp is called "akoli" and the beach also "akoli"... Avlaki is the next to Kassiopi beach

Excellent view! Like!

Wonderful view. Love it. Michael.

It's not Avlaki beach. Avlaki is another one more northly


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