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Selected pics for sale at So nice to be able to hike all day long on land where the wildness has returned! The photos are an extra! I am fortunate to live in the Tampa Bay area, which has an enormous amount of lands set aside for nature. The hand of God takes over when people go away....
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This is the North gate.

Thank you, Joe. There are at least two traps in the same area.
I thought the ties might have been left over from the road-building, but hard to see how. That berm is higher than usual--piled up from both sides and now maybe eight feet above original level.
Thanks again!

darn--I walked right past it! (was getting late and I had to stop strolling and start hoofing!) very cool, and points for alertness

Techpro...don't think sun exposure has anything to do with dead stands of cypress you may be seeing...maybe a change in hydrology?...or maybe stands of treated melaleuca? If you have an opportunity you might vist Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary just NE of Naples for one of the coolest examples of plant community transition from pine flatwood to wet herbaceous prairie to pond cypress to a virgin bald cypress stand...great example of pond cypress in southern Florida...go in mid summer to catch the ghost orchid too!!

Thanks for the vote Ardabili! I believe that this fungus is commonly called "Turkey Tail." It's often dry in Fla., so mushrooms tend to be scarce.

Thank you Nikos! It was VERY quiet at that spot--more than a mile into the forest. Beautiful!

Thanks, Henrik! These tortoises are all over Florida. Makes building new houses complicated: they're protected by various laws.... People used to eat them, but that's rare now.

Remnants of some transient's camp. Shreds of the tent nearby. How long ago? How old is that oil lamp? What happened to the person? Sad relics, maybe....

Just north of this spot I had to walk about 50 feet thru water that was about a foot deep. The bottom was not very soft, though, thank God.

Feay's milkweed. Blooms briefly. Have only found them in preserves a goodly way off the main roads.

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