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I am from Gothenburg, Sweden. My first language is swedish and second is english. I have biked and hiked a lot since the early 90s in Sweden, and also in Denmark, Norway, Poland and England. ★ The pictures between 1998 and 2005 was shot by a Rollei X70. In 2006 I got an Olympus µ700 digital camera. The pictures from 2009 to 2013 are taken by a Canon Powershot G9. And pictures from 2014 are shot by a Canon Powershot G16. ★ I´m doing a documentary project, but also takes other kinds of photos. ★ For photo editing I use Photoshop since June 2012, PhotoScape and ZoomBrowser. Since 2008 I have made panoramas with ZoomBrowser, and in June 2012 I started to make them with Photoshop. ★ In the photo titles I write what it is, where it is and when it was. I´m using the language of the country where the photo was shot, and english. I tag in the same way and when the photo is edited, black and white and so on. ★ Most of my pictures are mapped at the right place within meters, and with a few pictures I can only do my best. ★ My best pictures, in my opinion, are tagged "biketommy". See the tag list down below. ★★★ My videos in YouTube: ★★★ Twitter:!/Biketommy ★★★ Flickr:

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Hi Tommy I don't wanna be in the shoes of civil citizens when these ships had arrived to the coast of new land... perhaps even not in the shoes of local warriors!


BiketommyTack för dina fina commentor.

In 2009 my profile picture was one of my best. It is a scan. The message says some about who I am and that it was a nice experience to travel and be there. I have no other picture like that.

Since there are few roads E10 is one natural way to travel along Lofoten. But there are often many good things to see during exploring smaller roads and paths I experienced. So we went E10 all the way. And in Å it suddenly stopped. Å was a nice little village.

I guess we were lucky with the weather. It was good every day. But a little windy. I know mountains can cause rain. In northern Sweden there is a lot of rain in some places because of the mountains in the west. But I´m not sure about Lofoten.

Even going with that ferry is an amazing experience.


I also experienced Eniro as a kind of company so I thought it might be advertising if I put up the links here. But now I know. I learn something new every day. :)

Many times the given information here in Panoramio is valuable for people, and spread worldwide, and links is a way to find more information. That is good.

I will save these links too. Most of them I didn´t know about. Maps are very important for me and many other. And often there is not enough whith one map during mapping here or out travelling. They complement each other. Thank you.


Thrawjan var här... Kanske.

Yes you are correct about this bridge. Behind my back in the picture there is a bike path / footpath besides the railway. A bell rings and then the bridge turns. It takes 10 to 15 minutes for the bridge to open, the boat to pass and the bridge to close. There are daily big ships going on the river, and many sailing boats on the summer.

Thank you Panos greetings from Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Thank you. I like your photos too. Greetings from Sweden.

Thank You very much !!!!!! for your answer ! It was very kind of You ! Have a nice day !!!

The station was inaugurated December 9, 2012 and the photo was taken on December 13. The new Alependeln and trains between Trollhättan / Vänersborg and Gothenburg stops here and connects to buses and trams on the Gamlestadstorget. Spring 2013 begins the next phase of construction of the travel center, which will be finished 2017.



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