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Hemant Shesh is a renowned Hindi poet, art-critic, editor, columnist, painter and a photographer. He retired from the IAS in 2012, as Registrar of the Board of Revenue for Rajasthan . His selected list of published works and biography can be searched on: Wikipedia and google - ( A note by Dr. M. Sharma)

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PRITHWI RAJ CHAUHAN III (1166-1192)became King of India in 1144 AD. He was the last Hindoo King of India, who defeated Vishaldev's second son NAGARJUN in Gudgaon-war in 1180 AD, defeated BHADANAKS near NARENA in 1181 AD, Chandels in 1182-83 AD,Abu's King PARMAR in 1187 AD,and won the gujarat state. The well known war of Indian history was fought between Prithwiraj and KANNOJ'S KING JAYCHAND, which Prithwiraj won. Same year he defeated MOHAMMAD GHAURI in 1191 AD, however, in 1192, Prithwiraj lost the next battle. He was arrested and imprisoned in TARAGARH. Later, after torchering him, the winner of the battle, GHAURI, assassinated King Prithwiraj in 1192.Built in January 1994 AD, on the personal initiatives of Mr. Onkar Singh Lakhawat, the then Chairman of Ajmer Urban Improvement trust,this is the befitting sculptural homage to the great emporer of India. This monument is connected by a metalled road half way up leading towards historical Taragarh Fort, with a huge statue of Prithwiraj Chauhan, mounted on his horse. Beautifully laid down terraced gardens make the visit to this magnificient place an ever more charming experience, especially to spent quiet moments with rugged hills of Arawali....

The Map-recorders of PANORAMIO and GOOGLE EARTH have made a blunder by wrongly naming SATIGUDA DAM as BALIMELA DAM and also the name of district and state. Satiguda Lake and Dam are in MALKANGIRI and part of Orissa and not Chhattisgarh as wrongly recorded on earth-map! BUT WHO CARES?

A Note on the CEILING MOTIFS IN INDIAN ARCHITECTURE would soon follow, please wait....

A note on constructing 'MAAN STAMBHA' at the entry gate in Jain temples, will be available soon, please wait!

There are two major sects of Jains in India. One is SHWETAMBAR and the other is DIGAMBAR with numerous sub-branches of each. These magnificent DIGAMBARA Jain Temples( 25 in number)are being erected since 1995, on the top of the Nareli Hill, a picturesque place, where you get 380 degree view of the entire region within a radius of 20 Kms or even more.All Doors of the temples are made of SILVER with attractive 1008 idols of Jain 'tirthankars' to be put up. The chief attraction of this place is 'TRIMOORTY JINALAYA' containing three huge idols of Shri ARAHNATH, Shri SHANTINATH and Shri KUNTHANATH made of 24000 Kilograms of eight alloys combined! 72 idols are being erected in 24 temples...

Noticed a train passing by?

Mark ! I have no words to thank you for the time you spared, for me......

This is the photo that captures my eyes the most so far. Thank you for showing me a part of the world I don't see except for on TV. Be well. Mark

Shah Jahan,perhaps the greatest of the Moughal Kings, who adorned their country with beautiful buildings with the eye of an artist, saw the superb beauty of the Ana sagar Lake; put up a marble parapet on the embankment 1,240 feet long and five pavilions (BARADARIS) of polished white Marble, incomparable in elegance and beauty,and a Hammam or TURKISH BATH, in 1637 AD. During his visits to AJMER, the great builder of the TAJ MAHAL and the Emperor of INDIA, SHAH JAHAN resided here as appears from an account of the visit of Ajmer, given by his favorite daughter JAHAN AARA BEGHUM in her book MUNISUL ARVAH. This fifth Pavilion seen in the picture, was bodily removed from this place by Mahratta (Maratha) rulers, in whose control was Ajmer in 19th C and used the Marble to construct a HINDU TEMPLE in the AKBAR'S Fort, on the third story adjoining the south-western bastion.

Koraput is one of the three KBK districts of Orissa surrounded by Rayagada and Srikaklam (A.P) district in the east, Bastar District of Madhya Pradesh in the west, Nowarangpur District in the north and Vijayanagaram and Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh in the south. The district derives its name from its headquarters town Koraput. Jeypore is another important town of the district. Koraput is a tribal district of Orissa with great natural reserves. It has rolling mountains, undulating meadows, roaring rapids, enchanting waterfalls and terraced valleys leading up to verdant hills. The whole district has large deposit of minerals. The largest mountain Deomali is also located in Koraput. Other Attractions : Savara Shrikhetra -Koraput, Duduma Waterfall- Machkund, Gupteswar Temple, Dumuriput, Nandapur, Batrisa Sinhasan, Jain Statue, Kolab Dam, Damanjodi, Maliguda, Old palaces at Jeypore town, Tribal Museum - Koraput. This photographer was lucky enough to spent some good time in Koraput with my camera.....



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