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In reply to HGBUKA

Once again the translation is crap.

"You know the media does wrong, island rum with the British, not peşkeş Attempting to withdraw. Turkey is not intended to be in the mountains, the British flag will be happy if not jealousy. you go into marriage with the British. Whole world will see the answer to the Turkish nation. Do bad translation:)

Let's look at the last photo you see is part of them, you talk about? How is a danger in the world for enosis EOKA and realize who you are?"

It seems pointless carrying on with this conversation as we both don't know what we are replying to. I am quite happy for YOU to have the last word. Mine is this,.....The UNNECESSARY and HUGE Turkish flag painted (and lit up at night) on the mountain overlooking Nicosia, in my opinion and nearly everyone elses...IS ARROGANT!! I will not reply to YOUR final comment!. Goodbye.

Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti ve Milletini temsil eden Bayrağı güzel bir şekilde resmederek bizimle paylaşan Erman AYGÜN' e teşekkürler.

its all political..

Σου έχω απαντήσει, αλλά για κάποιο λόγο, κάποιοι δεν θέλουν να βλέπουν την αλήθεια, επεμβαίνουν και διαγράφουν την αλήθεια.

"Beautyfull" view for the point of view of a phanatically grown "bey"!!!!!!!! hahahahaha....

This is what keeps you alive in hunger.....keep looking at it and soon you will die because of hunger!!!!

Manzarayı severim. Çok güzel bir çalışma.

Αποτείνομαι στον κύριο Μάρκο Παστό και τον παρακαλώ να αφαιρέσει την φωτογραφία που έχει βάλει για την περιοχή Κρεμμός στην Αγλαντζιά. Ας πάρει μια άλλη φωτογραφία που να αναφέρεται αποκλειστικά στην περιοχή που αναφέρεται (δηλαδή την περιοχή Κρεμμός στην Αγλαντζιά) χωρίς να φαίνεται η οροσειρά του πενταδακτύλου στο βάθος. Έχουμε δεί εκείνη την σημαία τόσες πολλές φορές που βαρεθήκαμε να την βλέπουμε. Είναι ανάγκη να την δούμε και από την περιοχή Κρεμμός? Παρακαλώ διάγραψε την αμέσως φίλε μου. Και τοποθέτησε κάποια άλλη.

You may not that TURKEY DID NOT INVADE Cyprus, it only came to defend the innocent Turks being slaughtered by the Greeks on the island. It was the Greeks who pushed a larger proportion of people from their land, the land was not captured but protected.

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