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I enjoy taking pictures. I post daily on Facebook under the same user name. I answer my email: JBTHEMILKER@aol.com Please bare with me as I change gears. The harvest season is complete and I am now in transition. Any prayers lifted up on my behave are welcome. I find I am falling way behind on the titles. If you see one you can help me with, please leave a comment. Some time maybe I will have time to catch up.

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I like this building, nice shot too!

Love the cold desolation of ND, i'm tired of Brazil's muggy weather!


Very nice architectural photo. L

Greetings, Teresa

When Karme Choling first opened in the early 1970s, my grandmother who lived on Anderson Street walked up and introduced herself to the founder and his family. There were some rumors floating around the town about some sort of "commune", and McCarthyism was only 15 years gone at that point. My grandmother came back with an understanding of the Buddhist philosophy and regarded Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche as a very good neighbor.

They must like white vehicles in that town.

That was back in better days, back when money was real.

Lloyd, For all I know, the old COKE sign may have already been stolen. People love to steal around here, which is one reason why I never posted this barn's location! ;)
It's such a joy to hear from you!
Warmest regards always, Mary Alice

Thank you very kindly, Ahmet. It's always a treat hearing from you, my dear Pano friend!

All the best,

Mary Alice



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