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The Mystery of the Flag Many hikers across the Fishkill Mountain range that includes Mt. Beacon and nearby peaks, are treated to a rare sight…. an American Flag flying on a makeshift pole high above the trees. Many have speculated or wondered what the origin of this monument might be. Let me solve the mystery for you. Somewhere around Memorial Day of 1988, the City of Beacon fathers were considering canceling the Memorial Day parade due to ‘insurance’ concerns. This was unacceptable to members of the Darcy family who had served in the military and felt strongly about the continued recognition of American Veterans. Bob, Dean, Pete and Pete’s son Matt decided to camp-out on the mountain and erect a Flag in memory of those who had given their all. What was originally intended to be a solitary tribute has become a permanent gesture. Every year and sometimes twice a year depending on condition, this flag is replaced by John Darcy or a friend of the Darcy family. Many in the family and extended family, have taken on the responsibility of helping John to insure that a flag flies on what they knew in 1988 as, Lamb’s Hill. The tribute holds another special meaning to the Darcy family. At Bob’s passing, his request to have his cremated remains placed near the flag was honored. Dean, Pete, Matt, John and Bob’s wife Judy, along with other family members and friends again climbed Lambs Hill in August of 1994. Bob continues to enjoy the serenity of this awesome location atop Fishkill Mountain and the Darcy family continues its tradition. Dean, Pete and Matt all reside in Georgia with their families but a hike ‘up-the-mountain’ is always part of their visits back to Beacon. If you happen upon the flag during a hike, stop, enjoy the view and say a prayer for those who can’t. If you find the flag a little worn or tattered, contact any Darcy and it will be replaced. For those who have not had the experience of viewing the flag, it is featured on Google Earth as a landmark on the mountain. Ref: ‘Flag on Fishkill Mountain’. Mystery solved. Pete, Dean and Matt Darcy

Nice shot, very mysterious. Well executed.

Nice shot, like the perspective and the lighting. Liked.

1960 Used to time trial the route from Storm King after setting a 30 minute flare on the old road to the tunnel 9D at Breakneck. Best time was 22 min and flare was still visible. Then went and had a beer at Breakneck Lodge (run by my buddy John Voorous). Got chased by the sheriff but never caught

back alley USA jack

sex in a canoe here in 1960 was great jack

great eary run trout and smelt fishing here in the 50s and 60s jack

used to be a great bar on the corner seen here on the right. what is it now? jack

I fished/dipped for smelt at this spot many times in the 50s and 60s. Sad to see the bridge gone. Jack

LIKE :-)

Greetings from Germany, Felix


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