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"Esse est reminisci", come dire che esistere è anche coltivare i ricordi. Le foto possono essere un piccolo contributo per arricchire gli archivi della memoria.***** "Esse est reminisci" as saying "The existence is also the care of our memories". The photos can be a little contribution to the enrichment of the archives of the memory.***** Dear friends, thanks for the comments. Thanks for LK and YSL. But - above all - thanks to the true and sincere attention which finds the right words for the comments, or a just silence which avoids the repetition or the banality of words.***** Raffaele.

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Красивое место! +L C наилучшими пожеланиями, Fen

Bernard ohh, I'm a women and do not know anything from the binary tree or

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The bridge of Mostar knows surely everyone ... I think it is also very interesting and worth to take a look in the village. Thank you for this fascinating recording, Nikos! By the way, the beautiful mountains make a wonderful background! 🌄

Like & YS

Many greetings, Stevia

Thank you jades1111 .Greetings

Grazie, Raffaele della visita con Like e del gradito commento! Lancil8

Красивое фото! F+L C наилучшими пожеланиями, Fen

Das letzte Mal, dass ich diesen Park sah, war Januar...

In bici non sono io ;-)))

Si. Una pista ciclabile molto comoda. Ciao.



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