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The tag/title of this photo is inappropriate as well as offensive and violates legal rights of others by promoting the illegal acts of invasion, occupation, settlement and hatred towards the rightful citizens of ​Cyprus island. No such republic is recognized by the United Nations. It is self proclaimed and recognized only by islamongols whose military has been occupying the northern part of the REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS since 1974. Panoramio should not offer a platform to those who promote such propaganda. Please remove this offence.

REPUBLIC??? What do you mean republic??? You have under "occupation" the half of Cyprus Republic! Do not forget that YOU NEVER BE CIVILITIAN!!!! You are always be CANIBBALS!!!!

@kronos54: Why there is a big flag there? Before 1974 peace operation, Turks got slaughtered by the terrorist organisation EOKA, before the flag there were the letters EOKA on the mountains. When the Turkish army cleaned the northern part from this terrorists and Greek army, Turkish Cyprus authority replaced the EOKA terror sign by a peacefull Cyprus Turkish Republic flag. Now it is time to accept that there are 2 nations in Cyprus. The Greek behavior is still agressive and still want to kill civilians so the Turkish army will stay there too.

bir gece yine ansızın gelebiliriz kaşınmayın

Tixey, 0 minutes ago, said:

Personally I was simply impressed by the size of the flag and this was the reason I made this photo...

For all of me, there is a strong propaganda in Northern Cyprus which is leaded by the government. You may see flags and Turkish crescent in many public places. Military presence is also strong. It reminds me the situation we had in Russia during Soviet Union period. Strong national program is not something terrible. But it is terrible when governments use national interests as a cover for such horrible things as genocide.

its all political..

both north and south Cyprus is one country sinse 1960.



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