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Welcome to my photography site. I set myself so many goals to achieve with photography that not only do I match them but blow them out of the water as can be seen on my site here. A regular traveler to Greece it is my aim to shoot not only the touristy parts but the more obscure and less known but equally impressive area's. There is so much to see and explore of this amazing country that I had no idea even existed prior to my first visit 10 years ago. Since then I have travelled all over Northern Greece and Halkidiki with visits to Corfu and Lefkada. On every occasion have been just so impressed by what I have discovered and found it would be a crime to not publish and show you all what I find. Last year I also met folks who had seen my images and were in Greece because of them, well, what a result. I hope that through my images I can convey to you what you yourself can find and along with my FB site RikFreemanPhotographer you can get an insight into what I do and why I do it. If there was anything to hide by this great country (Greece) I would have found it, but, to date all is good, and if anything now more than ever Greece needs a helping hand and that is my aim for you to want to come and see for yourself these images. If in any way my images do convince you please contact me and let me know of your experiences and also post your own photo's, the more people post the better. I helped to put the town of Nea Kallikratia on this map and since hundreds more have contributed to give it the presence it deserves but I want to see more, many many more. So come on guys, it is not just Greece needs the helping hand but me as well, I would love to see your images and some feedback would make my day. After all don't just let my vision be your reality, come and see it for yourself. And if you are in Kallikratia and you happen to see me please let me know, I would love to meet you and maybe offer advice on where to go, places to see etc. All the best and thanks for dropping by.

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Bert, thank you very much for your visit and like.

Bye Sandro & Cristina

Update Sept 2011. This is an image of the old town central walkway. The new walkway is an improvement and you can view an updated image in this gallery.

Update Sept 2011. I have to inform you that unfortunately this taverna is no longer running. Due to the current financial situation in Greece it was deemed necessary for Alex and his family to close it and concentrate their resources on their family. We wish Alex and his family the very best for the future although they are and will remain good friends to us.

Update Sept 2011. This project was finished in 2009. The new square looks awesome and you can see an image of it in my gallery.

Update Sep 2011. Since this image was taken Cafe Le Monde/Pansion Apartments has had a comprehensive facelift and a full makeover both inside and out. For reference take a look at the new image I have posted recently.

Many thanks Cziszerd.

Thank you Sandro & Cristina.

Fantastic shot! rickfr001, like

Sandro & Cristina

Another shot using my old 6mb Samsung Pocket camera. This stunning shot from Limani Port saw me in the right place at the right time. Ένα άλλο πλάνο χρησιμοποιώντας τον παλιό 6mb μου μηχανή Samsung Pocket. Αυτό το εκπληκτικό σουτ από Λιμάνι Λιμάνι με είδες στο σωστό μέρος τη σωστή στιγμή.

Ένας φίλος μου πήρε σε δείπνο και ένα απόγευμα σε μια ταβέρνα με θέα την παραλία. Δεν είναι μία για να χάσετε μια ευκαιρία για φωτογραφία Αρπαξα αυτό το πλάνο με την παλιά μου φωτογραφική μηχανή SLR φωτογραφική μηχανή 35mm φιλμ. Στο μέτρο βάθος η πόλη της Θεσσαλονίκης.



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