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This WAS a nice building, until a bunch of under-trained engineers said "hey, we can move it!" and the City planners said "duh, OK".

Needless to say, the old brick frame could not handle the stress and it collapsed. Made quite a scene too. Was in the papers.

Scary thing is, they've got the same crew working on deconstructing and constructing the new overpass just behind it.

I missed the feild trip from school,could never find this place,plus Andrew Sabo lived in that neighborhood.if ya know what I mean.(dick!)

is this the trail from depew to blue mnt? the trail down by the depew pool,and the sachos nature center??

I remember this!!!it hasn't changed much..the paint streak is still visible!awsom!me and colleen hard did that with a can of old houd=se paint we found in a yard across the street one night walking around,,,

my aunt used to rent a room in this house when I was a kid in the late 70s,I remember the inside,it was as ornate as the outside

I can remember being in troop 127 cub scouts/weblows.going to Indian Point Treckaree,damn I feel old!!I do miss Mrs.Lions..She was den mother,used to live right next to the middle school,Mr.Lions was troop leader of Troop 1 BSA.Don't know what ever happened to David,with his ugly yellow car,think it was a gremlin 4 door...

I cant believe this place still exists!!

I can remember partying with frank matranga in the park and trying to climb up the damn from the parking lot...

Oh my god!My grandmother lived in 4L forever!!!someone that still lives in Peekskill please corrospond with me about the changes.I haven't been home since 1990..


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