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There was another crossing on US Route 9 very near where the current I87 crossing is located. Do you happen to have any old photos of it? They are rare. Here's one:

This website has a photo taken from VT looking north into QC at the same spot that you reference...just a different orientation

In the picture the way closed But people are still illegally passing a border go to cross forest And it is impossible to catch

Thanks for the info. When I look at some of the locations of border stones on aerial imagery, I thought that Leduc was in Quebec but I may be wrong....Leduc looks like it is on a more northerly plane than Line Road and when you look at where the border station is, you could think that Leduc is in Quebec.

Have you been to other interesting places on the QC/NY/VT border?


Interesting photos.... is Leduc drive in Canada or the US. Looking at Google Earth imagery it looks like to the west there is a border building that straddles the border itself and then it looks like Leduc Drive is slightly to the north of that...but then there is one farm house on the south side and then when it meets Blair Road it looks like there is a barrier preventing cars going to the north.

I was along the QC/NY border on August 19 and took some interesting shots of the border especially at some former crossings that are now dead ends.

Some of these are on panoramio via my username. If you want electronic copies, I can email.

There were also featured here...


Thanks Lizofcan..I was at the south end of Nichols Road a few weeks ago. The house is still there but is empty and in serious decay (but the lawn has been mowed). The fence is up blocking the road and the border cairn can only be accessed from Quebec. When the border was open was there a building to check ID etc on either side?

I have some pictures and will upload at the location itself.

I noticed one last week on the hwy just south of 401/20 near Riviere Baudette with the year 2001 marked on it.

I would never have recognized that location from the 1953 Flick photo. I believe there are homes in the background on the NY side now

It is apparently not the Former Custom House from comments in my flickr version of the picture.

I was there earlier this week. The abandoned home has/had a US mailbox on the east side of the road but on the US side. I agree that part of the house (maybe 1/3) is in the US. The border cairn can be walked around completely by somebody approaching from QC but from the NY side the fence gets in the way. Technically, that thin sliver of land (maybe 2 m wide) of NY is not accessible from NY.

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