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I was here on Monday. Very quiet place on the QC side with security cameras about 100 m north that can observe people approaching the former crossing and taking photos.

Hi...I have an opportunity to be in this area next week. I would like to take similar pictures of the actual border cairns. Did you have any difficulty getting that close to the actual border or were there any cameras present or border officials around.

Actualy, it is not a ladder, It'a a gate placed sideways. They were redoing the posts and all the fencing. But anyone can cross the border by jumping over the fence. It's so low. It is mainly to prevent vehicles.

Thanks for those links. Very interesting! I realize that I didn't reply to your initial question about what there might be to stop a person from crossing between the US and Canada along 0 Ave. There are apparently sensors in the border ditch (there is a ditch), and there are cameras. I noticed U.S. Customs and Border Protection vehicles at random places just inside the U.S. People in the area seem very aware that there's a border there, and I wouldn't be surprised if a fair number of folks are caught because locals report unusual happenings/sightings to authorities.

Thanks for the suggestion. Likely be some time before I make it back to that part of the country again though.

Very nice shot! LIKE! Welcome to the group 45th parallel north... ciao from Italy

Just noticed this article on the cbc website about various border crossings

I was saddened to read in a new book about the Maine-New Brunswick "Imaginary Line" by Jacques Poitras that the Petersens have passed away. The author suggests the stress put on them by the US Border Patrol by not allowing them to have any visitors hastened their death.

I would not like to live there on a Sunday afternoon when there is often significant lineups.

You are referring to St-Pamphile port of entry where a few houses are beyond the border. I remember that case where a guy enede with a big fine for crossing a closed border. Before Sept 11, they had special passes that would allow them to cross at will.

In Ste Aurélie, I'm not aware of permanent residents living on the US side but there is housing for the CBP staff.


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