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Pegase1972, you have really added to your photo library this year! Good to see I am not the only one who enjoys poking around the border. That Lineboro border station photo really threw me - I didn't know it was still there.

Sorry the house, i thought you were refering to the one on Noyan.

It was likely a satellite dish, likely to hook up to a US company instead of Canadian carrier. I was not able to get out of my car to take better pictures as a loose German Shepherd was running around.

As for the field that merge I think it's a matter of Google showing the border as a straight line while it is not exactly straight in this area.

It's a good question, the border is in the middle of the black plate, so it look like the second floor door is American.

As for the language, this part of Quebec has significant level of people with English language as their first one. Architecture of that village is also quite "English".

That area has the record for the number of multinational buildings.

The actual border is behind the second white house at the level of the green sign and "phone" pole. The whole side street is in Canada contraty to what Google Earth shows. Google Earth assumes the border is right on 45 degrees North but the legal border has small deviations from 45 degrees N.

Should you entered USA, that street would finally end up at the side of the Norton POE where you must report. There are cameras on the high pole.

From Canada, I should have walked further to read the Canadian sign showing towards the USA. But there is not Canadian Port on this Street with Stanhope on the main Highway to the east. I suspect that the sign says no Entry to Canada

See for a view to the left from the same place.

Picture was taken saturday (Oct 2 2010)

It was taken last Saturday (Oct 2 2010). Tha actual border is where the white marking is so this barrier is clearly in Canada. I think the barrier is there to prevent vehicles from using that street. It would not prevent someone from sneaking under. There's more camera in Stanstead / Derby Line than Hollowood.

You can see a wider vue of that place from me y previous trip there:

Next time, I want to take pictures of my family accros the barrier. I could not this time as my Wife was not with me and it's hard to cross the border with kids alone.

Thanks for the news about that road....I'm going to have to try and go along Chemin de Pointe Hopkins and also the Jamieson POE road next time I have to go from Cornwall to Huntingdon. Google Street View has good imagery of the road that runs east/west on the Dundee side that has views into the US and the building that is on the actual border. There are similar recent Google Street View images of the dead end road in QC that ends at the US border near Line Road in Alburg VT

I have yet to cross there as Sunday it looks like the way North was closed.

Funny you should mention the videophones. They were one of my creations. Here's a photo of me installing one along the St. Lawrence:

Apparently it closed in 1969


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