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About Me . . . . . . I think my dad is the coolest guy EVER I question authority I am a girly-girl I am a tomboy I like drag racing my car I am not easily impressed I got this body from eating junk food I am sometimes sarcastic I can spend hours at the library I care little about what others think of me I am a loyal friend I like dirty gin martinis I subscribe to three car magazines I always keep my promises I can't stand slow drivers in the left lane I am more of a participant than a spectator I will defend my honor I have a hard time sitting still I think first impressions can be misleading I have few regrets I think bad grammar is a huge turn-off I have more cars than garage space I am pretty good at music trivia I don’t like being the passenger I despise labels I am a big Beatles fan I don't gossip and loathe those that do I stink at golf, but have my own clubs I am a good kisser I have traveled many miles for a concert I can keep a secret I need more closet space I want to try skydiving I am still friends with most of my ex's I sometimes tell dirty jokes I have a clean conscience I am the one your mother warned you about



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