Bear River Watershed Council
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The Bear River Watershed Council monitors motorized impacts and organizes restoration projects within the Bear River Range. The range is the only major conservation corridor and critical wildlife link between the northern and southern Rocky Mountains passing through southern Idaho and northern Utah.
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@ Ralph, Thanks for your comment. The Logan Ranger District is aware of this area and plan fence it off next season. We feel that the sheep and cattle will just move to another location and so will the problem. We will monitor the situation.

I'm not sure why you decided to post these photos of the trash in this area. Sure there is a problem... but do you have to show the world the problem? There are so many beautiful untouched places in this area that are not easily accessed by four wheelers or 4x4s. Why not create awareness to local BSA group instead and have them rally the troops for a conservation clean up effort rather than post this on Google Earth for all to see? I've been to Africa and I've seen trashy places, it's not just in Utah or this remote corner of Utah.

Actually I have ties to the Boy Scouts in this area and I can actually make good on my suggestion. Feel free to contact me via this forum.

When I visit Cache Valley (I used to live there), I see these damaging trails on the mountains. I appears to me that the Bear River Watershed Council deserves folks' support in stopping the damage and restoring the land and water.

Thanks for your comment. Do you live nearby to Smithfield Dry Canyon? Visit our website for more information at:


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