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Thanks Chip, the outcome was a big and pleasent surprise to me. It is not HDR and I don't know when I'd do my first HDR. Best wishes from Izmir, Volkan

Well, thanks again for details, Volkan ! I think I will go on for H9 in a couple of weeks. I'll tell you when it will be done.

Take care,


Hello friends, thanks for your kind comments. I is a blessing that Spil Mountain is very close to where I live in Turkey. Strong cold winds in this valley once while make amazing ice sculptures like this oneand this one Best wishes, Volkan

Including the ocean, of course !!! They didn't find the cause of the crash at this time. It will be very difficult, because the plane is maybe 800 meters underwater... Here, as soon as you leave the lagoon, the depth becomes enormous.

Thanks again, Ryan.

This works well because the little puffy clouds in the distance are flattened while the wind has moved the foreground clouds enough to enhance the stereo effect. That's how the eye sees naturally. Great stereo shot, scrat.

I've found that if the wind is blowing the wrong way, you can get really strange effects - flattened background clouds in front of the foreground clouds which look like they've punched holes in the background. Swapping images doesn't help when that happens because even though it puts the background behind the foreground, the foreground clouds appear inverted. It may be art, but it's lousy stereo.

Great :)

I really love that kind of "full of life" picture ! And I think it's not easy to get with reptiles ...

Go on please !!!


Thanks Vasco!

That was exactly my meaning when I took this photo. And it makes me think at something like a mad ship surrounded by mad waves.

Take care,


I wish I could see them again after the mind behind the eyes gets 30 years older :)


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