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The tag/title offensive and violates legal rights of others by promoting the illegal acts of invasion, occupation, settlement and hatred towards the rightful citizens of Cyprus island. Panoramio is apolitic platform should not offer promote such propaganda. Please remove this offence REPUBLICA TURCA DEL NORTE DE CHIPRE. The appropriate tag/title is REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS

No wars are really about colour, creed etc, they are about power and greed. Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely (John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902) I fear until humans learn to accept and live in peace with no one particular person leading, but a council representing fairly, every member of society, getting rid of all weapons of mass destruction and...get this....LISTENING to the ordinary people of the world who just want to get on with their lives peacefully, the world will always be at war. That's what I want to do, why doesn't everybody?

One of many abandoned projects ........ and a blot on the landscape.

Greeks believe their own lies ...


hahahaha... first of all North Cyprus is not sovereign state and Denktash is not recognized as its president by UN... secondly - if I remember well there was a referendum on Cyprus in 2004 and turks didn't win... why they win this time - in this invalid referendum... and if you use historic arguments - you should remember about Venetians, Byzantines, Persians and British who governed this island... don't forget also that Istanbul was longer Greek Constantinople than turkish city its own history..

Do u know why it was destroyed? because Turkish attacked there in 1963. And for ur information if there is one TC village destroyed by us, all of Greek villages are destroyed in the occupied part of Cyprus. And by the way we have been living in these villages for 4 000 years, till the day u came, not for 40 years or 400, so how comes Cyprus belongs to u?

Uluslararası başarılar Sportif 1: Bisiklet: 2009: Almanya: 7.Walkirch 24 Saat Uluslararası Dağ Bisiklet Yarışı: Türk Kıbrıs Yıldız Takımı 1., büyükler takımı 3., bayanlarda Şerife Akcan 1. oldu 2: Bocce: 2009: Macaristan: Uluslararası Bocce Turnavası'nda Türk Kıbrıs, erkeklerde 2., bayanlarda 3. oldu 3: EasyKart: 2008: İtalya: Dünya EasyKart Şampiyonası: 125cc Light'ta Türk Kıbrıs'tan Zeka Özteknik 1. oldu 4: Tekvando: 2009: Malezya: Dünya Taekwondo Şampiyonası: Türk Kıbrıs, 3 altın, 1 gümüş, 2 de bronz madalya aldı

Kültürel 1: Folklör: 2007: İsviçre: 33. Uluslararası Fribourg Festivali: Türk Kıbrıs 1. oldu 2: Folklör: 2009: Bulgaristan: Primorsko kentindeki geleneksel Eurofolk Festivali: "Mister ve Miss Academy" yarışmasında Türk Kıbrıs 1. oldu


NORTH CYPRUS is a paradise of Mediterranean.

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