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just superb photos

Yes, dear Matavan. Most probably this would be the closest place to the Paradise on the Earth, if it would be less rainy. :) Go and see it from close. It really makes sense.

Ahh. I See. I understand that even the stingless ones do have a mild sting. Most of the lakes with this type of jellyfish are isolated from the sea except by small fissures in the surrounding rock. It is true that some of the lakes are connected by holes to the outside and admit larger creatures. I saw one that you could slither through but you never know if there is dangerous creature waiting.

Hi Ferenc, thanks for the information, but i think this is a bit too much for me... maybe there are alternatives, or i try to get some nice shots underwater.

best regards Stefan

Köszi Donbanderas, Ide valóban el, és vissza kell menni,hogy következő alkalommal a fehér hajóból fotózhassuk a helikoptert. :)


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