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Good angle to make this shot!--11--AnaM Good By for now! see you soon--

Shadyness is caused by the overhanging shady verandahs

Bring back the Biff!, oh I mean the Verandahs..... :^)

The Tourists didn't get to this spot...they had too many abandoned sites to visit!!

Jock , I heard about the Aboriginal problem with alcohol and drugs years ago, but it's disappointing that nothing has changed. There was lots about that around the time of the Sidney Olympics. i agree that throwing money at the problem doesn't work - we only have to look at Africa for proof of that. Nearly 30 years since Live Aid (1986) and nothing has changed. throwing money at the problem makes them helpless. They are a very knowledgeable race Jock and it's a shame that people don't bother with them. But then, the majority of people don't like anything that is "different". I'm glad you get on with them Jock. I like anything that is different, I find it challenging. Thanks for all the interesting facts Jock, much appreciated. kind regards Polly :-)))

Your flowers are stunning Jock! Very exotic. I have put them in my favourites so I can show my friends! Polly :-)))

Wow! What is this Jock? It is so unusual! Added to favs! Polly :-)))

Stunning flower Jock. i can see the Eucalyptus leaves in the background! Keeping it in my favourites Jock! Polly :-)))

Hi Jock - thanks very much for your kind compliments. The Healy's island is my favourite shot. Dad had only just started his Panoramio. He always said I had the eye for a photo, so when he died suddenly, I decided to start one of my own in his memory.

Jock, you maybe won't be surprised to know that I saw my first Aborigine in White Strand, County Clare. He was selling drift wood carvings from his cottage garden wall. When I asked my dad if i had indeed seen an Aborigine, he said "oh that's Sam, he plays Saxophone in the local Jazz band! Could have knocked me down with a feather!

I believe life is very dangerous as a lighthouse keeper Jock. As you say, they often have to do death defying things in trying to get to work in the first place. I saw the story of an old lighthouse keeper this week - he had to access work by shimming up a rope tied from the Lighthouse to a boat. crazy! The Loophead lighthouse gets pelted by stones from he sea. It's high up but as you can imagine the weather is very wild with the weight of the Atlantic Ocean behind it! Stunning!

If you get to Ireland Jock, you won't be disappointed! Thanks again Jock, kind regards Polly :-)))

I've been inside about two I think and one of them gave me vertigo....

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