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I live in reallity but I have my own fantasy,there iz pain in my eyes but a shine in my Smile,I lose a lot but still live to Fight another day,Everything around me is down but still I never lose hope, I m hated by a few but loved by a lot more.I m remembered by many & 4gotten by some,I m outspoken yet so shy.I m not a beast tha's y I love peace.but I always help others to be the best.I m an extranordinary person in such an ordinary way!thats what i am A PUKHTOON By Geogrphy,By History,By Culture,By Morality & By Attitude.Accepting me is ur Choice,Rejectng me is ur"HARDLUCK" يو مسلمان بل دہ سوچہ پختون پہ کور کے تخليق دہ رحم دا احسان پہ ما باندے خپل رب کڑے دے عبد لکريم دلسوز

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اسلام علیکم، بھئی اپکا کمنٹ میں نے ابھی دیکھا میں معذرت چاہتا ہوں۔ یہ بالکل بخت خان کا گاوں ہے، نانسیر گاوں کے ایک مقبرے میں دفن بھی ہے۔ اور کچھ معلومات میرے پاس نہیں ۔ البتہ کسی سے پوچھ کر اپ کو دوبارہ سے کمنٹ میں ریپلائی کرونگا۔

its my village nice and beautifull

Pati Bast Morr Elum (Jowar Salarzi District Buner) Brother Haidarali98.... Not "KHARAKAR BARIKOT"

The name of this mosque is "Sheikha Latifa Mosque"

vzt www.panoramio.com and add ur picz.

Dear Tariq,

I have seen the photos of your beatiful valley. As a proud Pakhtun you must be aware that Bakht Khan the famous Subedar of East India Company, who in the rebellion of 1857, took the command of rebel army in Delhi and fought bravely against the British, is buried in Nanser. It will be wonderful and service to history if you could upload the pictures of his grave. Regards.

Tariq Amir tariqamir1015@hotmail.com

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