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Ex HMAS Vampire, Daring Class Destroyer. The Daring class destroyer HMAS Vampire is Australia's largest museum vessel. It represents the era of big gun ships now superseded by the modern missile navy.

The Darings were the largest destroyers, and the first large all welded ships, built in Australia. They were a British design dating from the later stages of World War II, and were the products of the technology and strategies of the time. They provided aircraft carrier escort and gunfire support to the Fleet.

Their strong, lightweight construction, combined with powerful steam turbines, allowed high speeds with maximum armament, which included 3 twin turrets housing 4.5" guns, anti aircraft guns, torpedo launchers and anti submarine mortars. The cramped living spaces onboard graphically illustrate the nature of warship design where machinery, communications and weaponry came before the comfort of the crew

HMAS Vampire was the last of the three Daring class destroyers built in Australia. Originally ordered in 1946, Vampire was built between 1952 and 1956 at Cockatoo Island Dockyard, Sydney, launched on the 27 October 1956, and commissioned on 23 June 1959.

Vampire served in the Royal Australian Navy from 1959 to 1986, and during this 27 year period, steamed a total of 808,026 nautical miles.

Really, what trails did you take?

Si Gracias Deany35 estoy de acuerdo contigo, de hecho yo vivo aqui desde hace ya algunos años en San Juan de Abajo, Municipio de Bahia de Banderas, Nayarit. Pero la referencia que aparece como que pertenece a Jalisco lo pone directamente el Panoramio o los de Google no lo se, y de hecho yo ya me he encontrado con varias incongruencias como esas, Saludos.

Is Blacktail canyon upriver or downriver of Tuna Canyon?

Its a Gould's Goanna or Sand monitor

These are the lakes of Plitvice, a beautiful natural reserve with waterfalls.

Hey! This looks like the trail TO Phantom Ranch, yet I believe it is more correct to label it as The Bright Angel Trail. Thanks.

This cannot be located because all of the roads in Joshua tree just say Joshua tree national park. To any Google earth dude who may be reading this please report it to your superiors.

I cannot Find the Mine Shaft in Joshua Tree, please help.


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