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Greetings LKistler, thank you for the compliment on the panorama views! Blessings, PM

Since the Google satellite image has been updated, the position of this sculpture was corrected in March 2012.

Marvelous colours and a lovely capture. Hello from Athens.

:) Thank You very much!

Greetings LKistler, Hungarian is another soft sounding language, like Finnish. Modifications to words are done by adding (stacking) prefix/suffix parts to the word, so you can end up with VERY long words sometimes as the word has several modifiers. In Estonian there is "simply" 16 different forms of nouns, as example. In Estonian modifiers are not added together. We only learned basic courtesy Hungarian while there for only a week. Blessings, PM

Greetings LKistler, I seem to recall this (the building at the back) was one of two Jewish Synagogs in Sopron. The fence (which I took the picture through) was locked so could not explore closer. Blessings, PM

Tere LKistler, in my mind this spot reminded me of the bombed ruin of the movie theater next to the St. Nicholas Kirik in Tallinn... today the spot which has ice skating. The sign boards I believe were only in Hungarian, so could not understand the text. I understood that Sopron had little war damage as it was of little military value. Blessings, PM

The location of this photo has been changed after the Google satellite image was updated (March 2012).

Greetings AustinMN, yes, as LKistler posted above, photo taking is not permitted on the 7½ inch gauge trains at Hesston. We saw a tip / wreck one where the pin in the truck was too long so the car was wobbling atop the pin. The car was newly purchased, and had its first scraps! Ouch! (The Rio Grand passenger car just behind the engine posted here ) Photo same day as the wreck, obviously captured BEFORE the wreck! PM



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