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One thing is true about photography: Everything is wearisome beyond description. No matter how much we see, we 're never satisfied,our thirst for discovering new light are un-quenched.Nature repeat itself through cycles just before our eyes.Nothing under the sun is truly new, just different each day and I have recorded a glimpse of its beauty. Anyway,I hope that you enjoyed the gallery. “ K.L ” Need a print fell free to send me a private message

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Route was closed for snow and ice.View taken from gate.You have to be kidding this route was ridable on that day,I 've seen worst coming from Minnesota.There were opportunities for a lot scenery that this route could have offer.

At this very curve, one of the few places to get out and get some air,all this area behind the shot was occupied by ice and snow, the gravel and dirt were visible by the melting from salt on the road.Very interesting route with a lot of curves to appreciate in summer on-board of motorcycle riding or compact sport car.

Small birch trees in front mixed with pines trees and high grasses in background while the sun is rising.

Sunday early morning in Newton plaza where a monument has been erected for the heroes of Catawba county and behind the scene the museum.

This view remind me of a Connecticut countryside, down the right side a frozen waterfall create by earlier water coming down from hillside.

This pix was taken with the Nikon F801s on a hot summer of 1992 while i was driving back home.Could not resist the lightning and the clouds that was preparing for a storm.Stop in the nearest intersection and after couple light measurement decide to make the shot. Originally taken on 100 iso Kodachrome.

I like this composition very well done.

Nice panorama.

trop contrasté mais le tirage réussi...

Oh year,I think you got it, les meilleurs temps c'est à l'aube et au crépuscule pour les prises de vues.


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