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Plant photographs with names from all my travels, showing mostly plants n the wild, but sometimes in cultivation.

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Hello Redi

I think I interpret what you are saying to be that you liked my photos, and that I am also a botanist. Thank you for the compliment, and yes, I am a botanist (hence the tagging).


Greg Steebeeke

btw, Greg, I came to your page looking for onagraceae and rosaceae to compare with a photo of mine. my penpal Silvia said this one could be an onagraceae but she´s not sure. Vinicius thinks it may be a rubus (rosaceae). do you have a guess?

that so pretty flowers! and the done photos affluent

Eres botánico and the perfect photos redi desde Málaga besos

Great detail, Greg!

The green is the leaves, each one is bipinnate with the lobes soft (firm) but with hard tips (almost pungent...) This is looking down onto the flowering branch from above the apex. The leaves are individually about 12 to 15cm long (including petiole), alternate, almost helical.

The family is named for Proteus - a shape-shifter.

Hi Eve

Four tags added, naturalised, cultivated, Australian Plants and endemics. Thanks for the idea.

I had been using the tags as a way of grouping photos geographically.



Nice set of pics, I love having this plant in my hanging baskets in the summer. The blooms are all the colors of the sunset!

We have a USDA website that does accurately reflect the taxonomy changes, in fact it lists every name that plant has ever been called by. It's almost too much information sometimes....

Likewise. We colloquially know them as salt bushes for that reason. The soil in this location has a saline groundwater layer about 3 feet down. It moves a bit (note the irrigated cotton / wheat paddocks nearby), but is typically quite shallow.

In the area I work Border Rivers- Gwydir CMA I think there are 10 species of Atriplex.

Take care


A grasshopper - Australian style. You probably know them as Eastern Grey Kangaroo... ;)





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