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Plant photographs with names from all my travels, showing mostly plants n the wild, but sometimes in cultivation.

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Thanks Nick

Feel free to suggest a better location. I wasn't exactly sure when I tried to locate this picture based on a memory of 18 months earlier.

Cheers, Greg

Registro de uma fantástica cores da orquídea, para nós apreciarmos, e você a eternizou!! Parabéns, é a congratulação de Paulo.

É um lindo registro da maravilha da natureza, parabéns!!

I hadn't thought about it before (knowing these flowers are very different to the willows, let alone the leathery, pod-like fruit) but can see where you are coming from. The genus Orites is a true odd-ball. Seven members in eastern and south-eastern Australia and two in South America.

Wish it grew as easily from cuttings as the Salicaceae!

Cheers, Greg

Naturalised everywhere, but not such a bad weed, though annoying in a garden. In spring, I've watched black bears grazing on the flowers.

Greg, I was digging an annoying little annual (senecio vulgaris) out of my garden not three minutes ago. This photo looks very similar.

Thanks Carl. I couldn't remember clearly which was which. Surprising maybe, given how much time I have spent there... ;)

So, 80 km away? whereabots might that be?

Cheers, Greg (originally from Warrimoo).

Thanks DAvid

Don't recognise the name, but that doesn't mean much. Been throughout many parts in Chichester / Gloucester / Barrington area, but mostly quite a while ago. Blue Mountains by nurture, and now mainly in the northern slopes.

Cheers, Greg

Actually, this is an iris! I have put some members of the spiderwort family (Commelinaceae), here.

Cheers, Greg

You would not believe how long it took to wait for that wasp to move to a 'good photo position' - and then he moved again before I was ready!

Cheers, Greg



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