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Hi Yasser. I hope you are still taking photographs and enjpying your life. Let me know you are well by sending me a message to my email address, <madmodellerbamford@sky.com>.

I too also stayed in the BP Camp. i was there from Sept 1965 until April 1967. I remember your lovely country so well, and I was sorry for all of the troubles and fighting tha was happening back then.

I know that your country has had more troubles since then, because I have been emailing an Aden citizen who has been giving me the news. I would dearly love to return to Aden for one last time to see the places that I knew, gto swim in the warm sea, and to pay my respects to a very good friend of mine who is buried in Silent Valley, not far from Little Aden on the road to Bir Fuqum. Keep well my friend, I hope to hear from you soon. Anthony.

Sehr schön !!!!!!souw...

Yasser-m-alwan, can you post a clearer photograph of this spot. And can you please translate the caption under the picture. Is it a marker for the British Cemetery in Silent Valley?????

I ak this because a very good friend of mine is buried there!

This is where a very good Friend of mine, John Cain lies buried. He died in December 1966. May he always have eternal rest and peace from the torment of war. Amen!!

Precious. Photo*

Like&Fav. I love

Friendly Greetings.


Dear Yasser Alwan,

Can you compare your photo with this one:


I tried to find some difference - didn't find ;)

Зарождение жизни.

Хорошее место подумать.

when it demolished,I was there.....the road to Ma`alla broaden....nicely clicked....

النجاح و الفجر لا یمکن الا بالتوکل و التبعیت من الاسلام(کله لا بعض)والاتحاد المسلمین(الشیعه و السنی) و مقابلة بالعدو - عرب او یهودی او امریکا ... شیعة الایران یحبون ان یهدموا الاسرائیل و الصهیون ، اما لیس للاعراب و الشیوخ موضعا جدیّا للحرب یدعون الاخوة بالایران و یحبون الداعش و اسعودیة السلفیة الصهیونیة!! النجاة فی العقل

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