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After 17 years, I still find photography and the art of light fascinating and the best schooling in life that I received is being among my friends that I have met over the years. Especially, those who have inspired me to continue with my passion and not giving up on what makes me happy. ------------------------------------------------------ Born in 1974, raised in Chicago and schooled by life and friends. I grew up in a very diverse neighborhood. I focus on creating art that I feel depicts what is interesting and beautiful. --------------------------------------------------------------- Over the years I have been blessed to be able to venture around the world and meet some of the greatest people in my travels (some I call close friends) and see some of the most amazing things with my own eyes, that each day I am inspired to continue with this adventure. ------------------------------------------------- From violence to love, victim to statistic and life to death. Life throws these roadblocks and the things we learn from them are quite weird. PHOTOGRAPHY, in essence has been my savior and has become more than F-stops and light meters. It's about capturing a moment and finding what is beautiful from big to small. Capturing not only what lies in front of the camera, but eluding to deeper meaning. ------------------------------------------------------ With that said, safe journey to everyone......and never stop taking photos.

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Thank you so much, Tomas… I would never have entered without your encouragement! :-)

My best, Marlene

Merci pour le renseignement Co coepi mais il semble qu'il les ait enlevées

Thank you very much, Gena Polozhinskiy. :-)

Danke für eure Kommetare, Frank, Mario, Peter, Rafael und Frank Kaufmann.

Ja, leider bröselt das Gebäude so vor sich hin. Schade.

it is indeed :) Thanks muba

nice picture! thanks for sharing

Wonderful bridge, excellent presentation! Greetings.

Simple & beautiful! – Wonderful shot! Kind regards – Christos

Chers amis - Roland, Diane, Nadia et Jackie - nous jugeons ces morts selon notre préjugé concernant le beau - les Incas adoraient les ancêtres, (nous aussi) conservés toujours dans la position assise, ils étaient gardés dans des niches, bien nourries, (nous leur donnons que des fleurs pour manger) et ils étaient montrés et promenés lors des différents cérémonies. L'Ancêtre faisait partie de la vie domestique ce qui est déjà peu concevable dans notre société. On nous a appris de ne pas aimer la mort ou le mort , en nous miroitant la punition d'enfer et la récompense, au choix de notre mérite - donc = ce n'est bas beau à voir (pour nous).

souriez pour l'éternité......

Thank you again, Florian, for the kind words and your visit. I'm very happy you Like it!

Best wishes, Marlene


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