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My photos are mostly of the Western landscape. I try to document the "wide open spaces," and, of course, my photos make things look more attractive than they really are. I generally avoid uploading photos of the classic places because Google Earth will not benefit from more photos of them. Contact me at rmaughan2 AT cableone Dot net

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Nice . . . liked!

Happy trails, Bruce

Thanks for your comments about my graffs I would like to tell you that you are one of the best nature photographe I have seen on panoramio (and there is a lot of them).I have also visited Yellostone and of course I like all these photos, probably one of the best place on earth. You just enter in my favorite photographers

Daniel Pelletier,

Thank you for the LIKE.

I looked at your photo page. You have captured the most amazing street art I have ever seen. The photos of the art in Le Mée sur seine Quartier plein ciel should be shown to the world!

Wonderful landscape!



Thank you for extensive comments, but they are full of misinformation and guesswork about the photo and the cause of fires in the area.

This corner of Utah and all of Nevada, Arizona, and southern California never supported bison. See http://is.gd/34nAla. Your notion that cattle have merely taken the place bison formerly occupied is totally incorrect. Large ungulates in these areas would have slowly destroyed tortoises thousands of years ago. These desert areas do not produce enough forage to support large grazing animals. That includes cattle and sheep!
As far as fires go, the cause of the recent fires is clear. It is cheatgrass. Cheatgrass is an invasive annual from Asia that has ruined much Western rangeland. It will destroy all of the Beaver Dam Wash area within a few years. You might think I am not informed about cattle. I have been around them all my life. I know they should be removed from this area. As I told Pierre Durand (above), there were about 20 head of them not in the photo. All were illegally present. They were still in the area about a month after they should have been removed. Your mention of George Soros tells me you believe in some right wing conspiracy theory. I don't think Soros has any thoughts about the matter, but wish he did and wanted to give a grant ;-) I'm sorry I can not be positive about your comment.

Ja, Wim, hier woont de varkenshouder. Verbijsterend om van nabij te zien! Een onvoorstelbare troep!

Méditerranée, zo blauw, zo blauw (Toon Hermans. Hier heeft Toon vast zijn inspiratie opgedaan! Eigenlijk maar 2 kleuren, maar ze maken een mooie foto, George.

Groetjes, Wim

Very Cool Ralph! Thanks for joining the group!

Terrific view, I like it! Greetings Viktor


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