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I can remember walking across it many times, but only 3/4 of the way from 1971 till about 1977.You had to climb down the south side stone piller,there was foot holes in the stone piller that I used.It was great going onto the island and I used to camp there in a tent in the summer time.Also there was a deep pool for swimming in and I used to dive off of the bridge into this deep pool,its all changed now even the river flow. A 1/4 of the river used to run down the south side of the island even in the mid of summer months,how things changed with time.Am an old Cults lad,I was brought up there.Many thanks David Wood

It really stinks of bird droppings.I climbed it in mid 2005.I was part of the Rockallho 2005 team It is an amazing place to be there. The birds are so friendly you can almost touch them. Would love to go back as I only got a a few hours on halls ledge.Many thanks David Wood


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