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..leuchtende Farben des Sommers..!! like..lieben Gruss Henny

Do you have any more views of this building that you could upload, particularily the front and back? I'm into model railroads and think this could be a great building to model.

It may be a statement of "fact" but it is insulting. Never mind that it is your opinion, no it is not a "good" photograph, but I do not think it is really a bad photograph. Regardless, it was utterly uneccessary to say "or even the bad photograph." You could have simply said "or even the photograph."

Yes, I was completely sarcastic in the title, just to make you angry. I planned to change it once that was achieved. But what "tag" are you talking about?

Honestly, I don't think what I did was so bad. I found the house to be ugly (never mind the fact that I did not know anyone lived there in the frst place) and said so. Then when you confronted me so rudely, I was rude TO YOU by putting that sarcastic title. I did nothing to whoever lives there but insult their house, but I was rude to someone who had "done things to me."

I really don't see what makes me such a "not nice person." I did admit my mistake, removed the first title, etc. All I can see is that I was only mean to you by putting the sarcastic title.

Try not to forget that you have been the one this whole time who has been discourteous and presumptuous, not to mention, judgmental. You don't know me. You immediately were rude, insulting and judgemental, while if you had a problem with me or whatever I did, you could easily have brought that up with me in a calm, nice manner. What response did you expect with the way you first brought this up to me, and then your continued rudeness despite my being reasonable.

And, honestly, I got the same impression of you as being just a generally unkind, rude, person, but I gave you the benefit of the doubt and waited to say anything of the sort. I was obviously right.


You have a good gallery !!!

Thank you for sharing !!!

Best greetings from China ! 行者无路


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