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This photo belongs at the following location:

32° 59' 54.11" N
96° 58' 50.83" W

In Google Earth - Street View, looking west, its: 353 E. Vista Ridge Mall Rd., Lewisville, TX.

Beautifull Composing

Thanks for correcting the location of my photos.

I highly appreciate it.Nasir Uddin.

This photo is of the City Place building located on Hwy 75, between Blackburn St. / Haskel Ave. and Lemon Ave.


From the following location:

32° 48' 17.13" N

96° 47' 23.94" W

This photo was taken at the JFK Memorial Plaza - located between Main and Commerce, at Market Street.


From the following location:

32° 46' 43.29" N

96° 48' 23.09" W

This photo was taken from the observation area o the Reunion Tower.

Thank you,you are right, I mapped it new location

Cool View...

I like that place.

Looking at the image, you were on Field St., south of Federal, at Pacific, when you took this photo...


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