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Cheers H, I could not resist it with the snow.

my dam car is still stuck in naas in t boylans and they cant work out whats wrong with it and there the honda dealer's but im not worries 3 inche's last night as i was online and well just look out the window it rose an nother 4 inches today my daughter is loving marking on the wall with the mesureing tape sorry my spelling is so bad she is sick anyway so iv promised a snowman for tomorrow but if she is still coughing it will have to weight just out the door tape out mark and back in she is 7yrs and im sure the last snow we had this heavy i was 7 I rem it well my dad,lil sis now 31 all walked down the town not far as we lived near the station but dad got those mega big cheff red and brown sau's and a big salad cream loads of bread he was stocking up for the shops to run out of food panic buying lol we woke up the next day and all that was left was a bit of our snowman but on the not so funny side mam and myself went around to all the old we know gathered 9 shopping lists and made sure they had wood ect in for a day or 2 so shout out to all u know look out for ur older neighbour's as the biggest killer so far is when they slip getting fule in and frezz to death yard's from there door i know as mam work's in Naas hos. on a lighter note my idea for sunrise on the Curragh is catching the first ride out with the haw from the galloping horses nostrils and the sun just coming up behind them u have a better chance of getting a good one of that i am going to try but i know nothing about shutter speed or any of that my only hope is i got a cool camera for my b day in November. again sorry for the crap spelling i think faster than i can type i suffer from verbal diarea but is all well intended im 35 i hung out in naas for years i wonder do we know each other spend my time after ballycane (lacken view) fellas some much older than i should have been but that was years ago found 1 on fb a few weeks ago fion sherry if u know him let me know ok talk soon friend my dog's want out now im getting bullied by them with there eyes lol so cute night xxx

Cath! remember your PUNCTUATION! (just joking!). You'll have to keep this one Warren(though, you'll hardly delete it now?). It looks appropriate to the weather we're having - looks like the spider is covered in frost! Good luck with Cath's challenge!

Must search for your donkey Cath!

Regards from Tullamore, Alan.

the best i do love w@z's pics but that is the coolest but how did u get it on a surf board ??????

love ur pics grate one of the ball


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