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Hello Everyone, Thank you for viewing my photos. I enjoy photography and do it for fun. I am not fancy. I use a little Samsung point and shoot. I would love to have something nicer, but till that day arrives I will make use of what I have. While I am wishing.... I would love to be able to make a living by shooting photos. That's my dream job. Does anyone want to hire me? As you look through my portfolio here at Panoramio, you will notice that my photos tend to be of things that have some sort of historic meaning to where I live. I am trying to document the area as best that I can, as are some of the other folks that I see here at Panoramio. You will find in my portfolio old churches, courthouses, taverns, shops, general stores, homes and abandoned homes. Please feel free to leave comments. I love hearing from people from all over the world. Again, thank you. r.w.dawson Also visit me at my website. www.wix.com/virginiahistoryphoto/rwdawsonphotography
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I like! Even if the mule did kick out a couple of the side boards.

Thanks Jos! I just added a description of what all of the buildings are and the dates when they were built. An interesting element that doesn't show in this photos is that some of the old houses surrounding the square don't face the road, but face the square.

Economista en bolsa - Many thanks for your visit and comments – Best regards from Athens

Wonderful Picture!!!!


Corey Coyle

Well thank you very much, r.w.! I find a lot of stuff like this when I am looking for something else and get lost! The "No Trespassing" signs of course "cover Dixie like the dew," but so much of the real estate around here is for sale that one is more likely to be mistaken for a prospective buyer than a trespasser. No fatalities yet!

Well done, perfect subject for a panorama.

Very elegant picture! beautiful shade of color!

Like+Fav !

Friendly greetings! G.

People can understand "Jet-Setters" and even "Mile-High Clubs." But good luck selling "Kayak-Setters." Serene eh.

No worries, actually for that photo you were showing me in Fairton still looks a bit fake anyway like an advertisement for a business.

To talk about political boundaries the Mason Dixon line, NJ would be in two regions of the United States the Northeast and Mid Atlantic or the South officially, but due to some past conflicts dating back to the civil war who ever created the line it goes around NJ. Really a lot of New Jerseyans consider the Pine Lands of NJ really a part of the south unofficially. Actually I've seen the Rebel flag flown in the Pine Lands a lot. With our Nations history and weird position of NJ I think it's neat seeing the Rebel flag flown in an official Northern State.

New Jersey can be confusing too, like you guys are saying about Virginia. I really don't know what the difference is between a town and a township except for some political terminology both have people living in them. NJ have a fair share of towns or townships with the same name like the town of Harrison right here in the same county I live Hudson while Harrison Township is in Gloucester County. Besides using a GPS the only other thing that can help save you while driving in NJ as for directions. If you go too far East in NJ you'll be at the Atlantic Ocean or NYC, if you go too far West you'll wind up at the Delaware River or bay. A lot of the locals in North or South NJ think its funny thing they either switch road signs or just take them down in some towns or cities as a joke.



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