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Hello Everyone, Thank you for viewing my photos. I enjoy photography and do it for fun. I am not fancy. I use a little Samsung point and shoot. I would love to have something nicer, but till that day arrives I will make use of what I have. While I am wishing.... I would love to be able to make a living by shooting photos. That's my dream job. Does anyone want to hire me? As you look through my portfolio here at Panoramio, you will notice that my photos tend to be of things that have some sort of historic meaning to where I live. I am trying to document the area as best that I can, as are some of the other folks that I see here at Panoramio. You will find in my portfolio old churches, courthouses, taverns, shops, general stores, homes and abandoned homes. Please feel free to leave comments. I love hearing from people from all over the world. Again, thank you. r.w.dawson Also visit me at my website. www.wix.com/virginiahistoryphoto/rwdawsonphotography
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Thank you so much Mijodrag! I'm honored. Greetings from California :)

Auch hier herzlichen Dank, Heidi, ich denke, "fahren" wäre korrekt!

Thank you Dan Mills!

Very great street-view!! I like it! Greetings from Hungary! Lajos

Danke, Manfred, hier hatte ich mir vielleicht etwas mehr erhofft, aber na ja.

That was the history in the last post - this is the info about the laying of the buoys http://www.tapprotary.blogspot.com/2014/05/caponka-ghost-now-buoyed.html

Hi Sl8rock, and thank you for your interest in this photograph, and for your absolutely correct analysis of the scene.

r.w. and I had continued investigating until we had correctly identified everything--it didn't take very long, as I realized quickly that only the railroads would have enough cash for those enormous arches, and of course the current traffic bridge is the current traffic bridge. But unfortunately we did not carry on our continued "investigation" on this thread, so you have provided a most welcome explication of the scene for all future generations!

r.w. is quite a good history buff, but he is perhaps too quick to trust anyone faintly resembling a self-styled "historian." But I have done enough original research myself (primarily in literature) to know how slipshod, speculative and lazy too many of them are, and I have found that simply bringing a disciplined approach to the scene before me can often bring clarity to waters long and historically and sometimes intentionally muddied.

I agree wholeheartedly that Petersburg is rich with photo opportunities--it is one of the most scenic cities I have had the pleasure of visiting, and you will find r.w. and I have walked from one end to the other of it if you click on the "Petersburg" tag. But there is no question that in our days there we have still only scratched the surface. Unfortunately both he and I live some distance away, so our visits are infrequent and have to be deliberately planned.

Bella foto, ma povera la gente che ci sta' dentro a quella foschia!

Wonderful shot, beautiful angle of view.




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