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Hello Everyone, Thank you for viewing my photos. I enjoy photography and do it for fun. I am not fancy. I use a little Samsung point and shoot. I would love to have something nicer, but till that day arrives I will make use of what I have. While I am wishing.... I would love to be able to make a living by shooting photos. That's my dream job. Does anyone want to hire me? As you look through my portfolio here at Panoramio, you will notice that my photos tend to be of things that have some sort of historic meaning to where I live. I am trying to document the area as best that I can, as are some of the other folks that I see here at Panoramio. You will find in my portfolio old churches, courthouses, taverns, shops, general stores, homes and abandoned homes. Please feel free to leave comments. I love hearing from people from all over the world. Again, thank you. r.w.dawson Also visit me at my website. www.wix.com/virginiahistoryphoto/rwdawsonphotography

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(^-°) Hi dear Don Z,very nice picture,beautiful reflections and colors,like 315!

Best regards,Dan.

The whole place looks too good to be true--but I suspect this is what everyone would like to end up with after a massive restoration project.

Thanks, r.w.! I wish you could have been there--it was another phenomenal estate virtually invisible--and unimaginable--from the road.

Ein paar Reiseziele haben wir beide besucht - wieso sind wir uns nie begegnet? In der Originalität des Namens stehst Du mir aber nicht nach!
Freundlcihe Grüsse

Grazie, Eniste , saluto Renato

Patience is the key here, r.w., so it is no good asking such questions even twice in a row. I believe it is a point of etiquette NOT to inquire whether anyone has caught anything--if anyone ever does, he or she is expected to jump up and down and whoop impressively in order to attract an admiring audience. While I was there the silence was deafening, and you see the pose of my one consenting subject might suggest that he has little fear of his rod and reel being dragged into the deep before he could snatch it up. But as Fats Waller once observed, "One never knows, do one?" The Ospreys never seem to have any trouble finding a meal, anyway.

I should have waited until the attack began--less than a mile to the north on the York River is Cheatham Annex, where all U.S. Navy vessels are armed prior to going out to sea so that in the event of a "mishap," only meek Yorktown will be effaced from the map, rather than for example Norfolk or Newport News, which sport shipyards and bases, etc. This lovely jammer might well be primed with nuclear weapons to clear away the outdated and non-operating coal-fired power station, but unfortunately I had to leave early. As a matter of some interest, the "Alliance" is not yet a U.S. Navy vessel, and therefore it should not have been issued such weapons anyway.

thank u it is important to me.

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