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Thank you for visiting my pictures. I hope you enjoy vicariously travelling the world through them. Please leave a comment. :-) I like exploring and collecting images of what I see. I also like the fact that I can share them here and help others see the world as others have helped me. I certainly don't consider myself an expert photographer but I do enjoy it. I started out with Minolta SLRs in 1981 although most of my early pictures are lost now. There are still a few around which I've digitized and I still have some negatives so I may be able to resurrect more, who knows? Back in the late 1990s I got my first digital camera, a Kodak with a massive 1 megapixel. I gave it away in 2003. At the end of 2005 my wife and I graduated to something a bit more serious, which being an Olympus Stylus 800. Then a couple of years later, being very pleased with that little camera, we got an Olympus SP570UZ. In early 2013 we acquired a Sony NEX-5R which is an *amazing* little camera. All my most recent images are from the Sony or, in rare cases, my Samsung phone. As you'll see, I enjoy creating panoramas, but not all of them turn out terribly well. I still have all my old analog cameras and occasionally work with those. I have a huge selection of lenses, filters and other accessories and it seems a shame not to use them. Thankfully, an adapter is available to fit all my old glass onto the Sony, and that's great news. I really hope you enjoy my photos ... documenting Saskatchewan (etc.) , one JPEG at a time! :-) http://www.spynovels.org is my website. Please check it out! :-) P.S. As you have doubtless noticed, those who decide which images are selected for Google Earth are disturbingly inconsistent in their ineptitude. Thank God they're not in charge of anything important.
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Wonderful capture!

All the best from Russia!


My father worked at the Naval Electronics Laboratory in San Diego as a Scientist, when the Prinz Eugen was in port prior to being towed to the Atomic Tests. He went aboard to research alot of the electronic equipment (most was removed their). A German naval officer gifted him with a water color painting that was in the Officers Quarters. I thought that was interesting and made me a real fan of this magnificent ship.

Great picture, thanks for sharing. :-)

Thank you Corey! :-)

Lovely job Dave and looking a lot greener than when I was there. :-)

Thanks for sharing. I stayed at the Park Hotel in Goldswil on a school trip in about 1977. :-)

Thank you Ronny for the visit and for leaving your nice comment.

Kind regards, finn

Lisa, thank you very much for your comment. I would love to get a picture of the house for you if it still remains. Real-life historical details like that are very important to me. :-)

Thank you for the background information! Real-life historical details like that are awesome. :-)

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