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Bushwalker,Kayaker,Photographer, amazed by the beauty of God's creation.

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Incredible buildings in these little towns....NICE!!

In one of the least densely populated countries in the world we huddle together as if space is at a premium. Instead of spreading our wings far and wide, we build higher and higher at disproportionate costs and destroy our heritage as well as our habitat. Tower of Babel all over again. As for our compounding problems in providing the necessary infrastructure, well that is another story but one of even greater perplexity. Decentralization is a concept floated for political grandstanding but never gets of the ground; the cities to us humans are as the honeycomb to the bees. But we are running out of trees to pollinate and bear fruit, out of blossom to provide the honey and the food, out of energy to wing our way to greener pastures. Cyclical self annihilation ? I'm beginning to think Gen.1:28 and 9:7 are more than just a bit of good advice

Herb, I love your fences, all of them!

There are fences and fences and too many are the same. They basically tell us where your land starts and mine finishes, or is it where my land starts and your land finishes. Yes, It can have possessive, territorial connotations, but it can also be to keep your sheep in and the wolves out. All those practicalities aside, they can make a rural scene complete, they can add character, depth and perspective to a landscape; a framework and a touch of humanity to a masterwork by our Creator God.



-dziekuję za wizytę - Zygmunt

Yes, and may He richly bless you as yo do. Greetings from Hobart, Tasmania.


The ultimate synthesis in ... "The planting of the Lord"... A magnificent specimen, tall and strong with its branches reaching up to the sky and its roots deep into the earth. From there they collect their elements and hold them up to the light to it’s photosynthesizing, transforming power for new growth.

What is a landscape without trees? They come in all sizes and shapes; shelter us and our animals from the heat, rain and wind; a place for the birds of the air to build their nests; fruits that cater for our every taste and a tapestry of colours that vary from season to season that are a delight to the eye. It is not really surprising that in the Bible we meet up with trees a lot, even literal personifications and advice where we find our optimum growth.

Like the trees in the field may we likewise hold up the elements for growth up to the LIGHT for His blessing and transformation. May “ all the trees in the field clap their hands and the leaves of the tree be the healing of the nations. Isaiah 55:12 . Rev.22:2

Hi Jak, I just looked it up and it would appear it is a Brigantine.

Cheers, Jim.

A great Psalm, thank you Noah for sharing it. The Lord bless you. Greetings from Hobart, Tasmania.

Once upon a time you needed to know your ropes; now a days, I guess you need to know your buttons, failing that you could feel totally at sea.

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