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All the pictures has made me travelled back in time and it was a nice and beautiful journey,these are all the places i have been to with some of very close and true friends,i had spent 8 years of my golden life there. All the shots are nice,thanks Haris Khan. Mohammed Abdullah Saudi Arabia +966-501632743

hi i wish if Mr. Haris Khan add some new photo for math department so i can see the place that i have spent for 7 years there. thank you oh god how much i like this place.

Terai is a region that fringes the Siwalik mountains on its south. This is a land of Marshes, rivers, and dense tropical deciduous forests. The rivers that disappaear on the alluvial plains (upslope) reappear in this territory and overwhelm the region with floods during monsoons. This picture is of the dry season, still there is so much water.

Large granite joint blocks atop an inselberg.

These hills are granite inselbergs. Their surface is scatterred with hundreds of boulders of all sizes. Such hills are sometimes called "Castle Koppies", since some of them resemble medieval english castles.

These are residual joint blocks of granite that have been rounded and smoothed by sub-surface weathering processes over thousands of years. They have been exposed by geologically recent uplift and regional erosion.

Are u set upon an all India Trip, or making a documentary on India?

This is a good example of the Concept "Depth of Focus". Here, ur credit is greater than 25%!!

Nice Picture. But major credit goes to the Mughal Emperors. So, the credit can be broken up as: 50% to the Mughal Emperor, 25% to ur Camera, and the remaining 25% for ur good photographic sense.

Thanks, Michael. I have been to the San Rafael Swell several times (the first in 1986), and each time it seems to get busier. I was really disappointed and dismayed with the amount of illegal ORV use I saw this spring.

This photo was taken in 2003, and I couldn't remember exactly which canyon we were in, because we tend to hike off trail when we can, but we always carry good maps. I remember walking next to the river, then hiking up a dry wash and climbing a boulder slope to go through a notch into another canyon. Someone had told us about some pictographs which we never found. If you can locate this spot exactly, I'd appreciate it!


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