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Welcome to my pages. I am a Chemistry Educator and Researcher. My hobby is to climb low-mountains around Musashi-Itsukaichi near Tokyo on Sunday. Give your comments, please. 日曜の午後,武蔵五日市周辺の低山を徘徊しております.珍しい場所やきれいな景色が紹介できればいいなと思っています。皆さまのコメントいただければ幸いです。よかったから下記のページもご覧下さい。http://www.360cities.net/profile/taro-tsubomura

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This is one of the biggest falls in this area. 標高600mのところの落差30m(あきる野市homepageによる)の滝です.

A variety of colors we can see here. この地域では珍しく自然の紅葉が見られます.

Finally I could reach to the Mazukari ridge. However I had no time to enjoy the views for I had to go down before the dusk. もうすぐ日の入りです.急がなくっちゃ.

Every time we can enjoy clear stream and natural beauty in this area.

Today, it is too early to enjoy colored leaves, but it's fine to see a good view of Tokyo.

The ground in front of the Shrine is covered with green moss.

Today(17th, Oct. 2010), I found that the trees around the top of the mountain have been all cut, so we can enjoy nice view of the east side. See photo id 42336317.上のように書いていましたが,いつのまにか眺めの良い山に変貌していました.


You must go through the bamboo grass field about 10 min. to climb the mountain. 笹が背丈以上茂っている中を進まなければなりません。

A map shows that the trail along the stream seems to reach the top of Mt. Ichimichi, but many collapsed trees prevent me to climb. 地図ではあと標高150m登れば市道山なのですが、この暑さと私の体力ではこれ以上登るのはあきらめました。


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