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The Great Signboard

"Купаться запрещено" "Не нырять"

Трещина на дороге везде встречается.

☆dynamo☆ - My great regret to the Japanese people!

I hope that this suffering ends soon!

Greetings fro Sapucaia do Sul-Brasil


Perhaps it is the nuclear plant "Fukushima-1". I express my condolences to the people of Japan in connection with the tragedy which has befallen his earthquake, explosion at the station. I wish you courage in this situation, an early solution of problems. Micke M. Gavva, Russia.


When God made man, he did him like a potter's vessel. And breathed into it, spirit of life (breath). This means that? This means: First, that man is composed of body (bottle) and spirit (breath). Second, that when God made man he did not made him as second product category. When God made man gave him his spirit, made him his spiritual image and likeness.

So what happened? Well what happened was that the man began to twist things. Man began to disobey God's commandments. The man began to do what he wanted. So he filled his live of suffering and bad things. Then God was angry with the man and take away his spirit of him. Thus leaving an empty space (hole). Then the man filled that hole with all kinds of crap. Transforming his soul in a garbage dump spiritual.

Today God is calling humanity to repentance. Today God is calling us to straighten our paths. Today God is inviting us to participate in his Kingdom.

Anyone wishing to participate must make this bread (wisdom) his wealth.

Therefore: you must do the desires of God. Raised this bread (seed) throughout the world. We must finish once and for all the evil that exists in the mind of humanity.

Note: This is the bread of God is not only for yourself, you should share it. Copy this comment and put it in another picture, because that is the wish of God. Matthew 13: 36-38

I am the prophet Elijah and my site is: www.overbo.uni5.net

Because I do not go in kokaigahama there is not the photograph (I translated this sentence in yahoo translation)

筑波山から富士山まで156km  It is 156km(97mile) from Mt. Tsukuba to Mt. Fuji



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