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Howdy everybody. My name is Metalheadcowboy,because that is what I am. I like country, rock, heavy metal, grunge, some pop, and classical. Another important thing is that I have high functioning aspergers. Thats why I obsess about a lot of things. The things I love to do is photography, carpentry, some gardening, playing the drums, exploding inanimate objects, going to Sears, going to Lowes, going to Home Depot, going to cowboy places like Colorado, WY etc. I love places with big farms and high desert. And dry woods. Those are also my favorite places to take pictures of too! I was born in Colorado so that's why I like that scenery. I also like buying western wear. My favorite type of western wear is the cowboy hat. I have 9 hats so far. My favorite things are Semi trucks, cameras, tape measure, drills, craftsman tools, buses, engines especially diesel, sirens, air horns, trains, & explosives. I hope yall enjoy my pictures and account.


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