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Grace Lutheran Church WELS

You can't go home again , but you can remember Peltz's. I remember this as Peltz's convenience store in the 1960s. The hub of our working class Polish, German, Scandinavian and English American neighborhood on the corner of Oregon and Congress streets, we kids were allowed to hang out here as long as we behaved ourselves. Our house was located three blocks west down Congress Ave. I think the door arrangement was different then from what it is now. Inside on wonderfully creeky wood floors was a candy case with penny and nickel candy with floor to ceiling shelves stocked with convenience groceries and a small deli case and counter along the back. I think I also remembr a painted stamped tin ceiling with hanging globe light fixtures. Downstairs in the cellar storeroom was the gem of the store - a ping pong table! we were allowed to play on it, again, "as long as we behaved ourselves". Much smaller than a modern 7-11, it was all very cozy on those 0 degree days. A much larger (possibly wooden?) porch supported our main summer focal point, a tall soda pop machine. Gravity fed 12 oz. bottles rolled horizontally into a stack with two pat collars seen through a vertical class door. There was Coca Cola, Pepsi, Wink, Fresca, Dr. Pepper, grape and orange Nehi. You'd put in your quarter, open the door and try to smoothly pull your treasure home. If you hesitated or pulled eratically, the collar locked again and you lost your quarter. The kind hearted Pelz's staff always helped get our pop out, though. We would tie magnets to string to fish for bottle tops from the metal catch bin in the door for various soda pop company promotions. Those were good days. In these days of mixed use planning and sustainable development, rather than a Starbucks or a 7-11 located miles away on the highway, we could all stand to get out of our cars moreuse. We could use a little Peltz's corner store located in the middle of our neighborhoods. Thanks for publishing this picture.

The barn now sports Aaron Rodgers number. :) Brent who?

i love this old place.... it is such a crying shame that it continues to rot away - decade after decade.

Do you know the story? I have it all in Flickr. Researched it for years and years

This is wonderful sunrise picture! I enjoyed looking at your Oshkosh pictures and I saw a lot of places that I recognized but don't have pictures of, and I will continue to put up new pictures of the area.
Greetings from Illinois Jesse


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