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Where's Waldo ? If you want to be happy for one night, get drunk. If you want to be happy for one week, get married. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, embrace photography ! Photograph what you like - at least one person will admire the results. Don't worry about chasing the light - it travels much faster than you can - chase what intrigues you and record the images that make themselves available. Repeat if necessary. Photograph from the heart , not what is trendy or popular - if you always do what has already been done , you will only get what's already been got ! ... we as photographers try to capture unique moments in time - those unique moments are not worth much unless we share them with others ! ... life is short ... photograph hard ... email ... Always follow the 2 basic Rules of Photography Rule # 1 - there are no rules in PhotographyRule # 2 - refer to Rule # 1 ..... As a photographer , my goal is to be remembered as a disciple of Edward Abbey , not the next Edsel Adams !

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Forest fire smoke / pollutants in the air , and lens filters help produce colorful sunsets Heidiho - the discrete application of software also helps !

Howdy Heidiho - maybe the twine is just keeping the gate closed !

... Here:

so it looks in ORIGINAL.

Hi Weston, glad to hear that you have such a connection to my photos, it is wonderful country to explore and photograph. I have only been to Cleveland once, quite a few years ago. Best Wishes, Greg.

Hi Leo, yes it is pretty interesting. Best Wishes, Greg.

hello. ~Marlene~

<<<S U P E R B photograph!!!>>>

YS:69 + LIKE:109

congratulation and have a nice day for you

best regards from Tiffany Liem

Yes indeed Itallica II - have never taken a picture of a Heron in a good mood !

Thank you kindly Eva - nothing wrong with posting a few pictures and including a bit of humor in the description and comments - keeps the mind and the eye sharp !

Thanks Carter, They had to move the mountain that came down... so yes!

Osho Melek, thank you!

Hi Don, I was pretty surprised too when I first noticed it, it's not a great shot of the mountains but it was a lot of fun. Best Wishes, Greg.


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