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Where's Waldo ? If you want to be happy for one night, get drunk. If you want to be happy for one week, get married. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, embrace photography ! Photograph what you like - at least one person will admire the results. Don't worry about chasing the light - it travels much faster than you can - chase what intrigues you and record the images that make themselves available. Repeat if necessary. Photograph from the heart , not what is trendy or popular - if you always do what has already been done , you will only get what's already been got ! ... we as photographers try to capture unique moments in time - those unique moments are not worth much unless we share them with others ! ... life is short ... photograph hard ... email ... Always follow the 2 basic Rules of Photography Rule # 1 - there are no rules in PhotographyRule # 2 - refer to Rule # 1 As a photographer , my goal is to be remembered as a disciple of Edward Abbey , not the next Edsel Adams ! (

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I have chased the moon for 20 years Spencer - it rises approx 40 minutes later each evening and 2 degrees south of where it was the night before - tough to bracket , but fun to try and capture ! Drat those pesky clouds !!

Howdy spence-ation - this new lens is the first I have purchased in 10 years - first image stabilized lens in my arsenal - and I get sharper images with the stabilization turned off ( not that image stabilization is bad , but it does not work with my methodology ) - could just be the particulars of the lens , but have experimented with other stabilized lenses and have found them to be slow to focus with the way I photograph - image stabilization is great for hand held still life , but not so good for constantly moving wildlife - I shoot a lot in Al Servo mode , and Al Servo and Image Stabilization no likey each other - Al Servo is trying to keep up with the action , and stabilization is trying to stop it - a steady hand ( lay off the Starbucks , lean on the Budweiser) is best !

Nice scenery and framing! L 12. Friendly greetings, Petr

Many thanks Fabrizio and Filipe

Yes, nothing like a Chicago night, Toni… I'm very happy you Like it and I'm honored by the Y*!

Best wishes, Marlene

Hello lizab and thank you ! I eat late in the evening in the summertime - I barbeque and feast outside and photograph sunsets ( and enjoy the beverage of my choice ) and quite frankly enjoy the heck out of the evening !

Greatly appreciated Ada - the geese say Hello !

Amazing peice of art!!!

Terrific photo! YSL and best wishes from Philadelphia, Neil


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