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Hi Kaarvea, Im the one that posted the vineyard with all those 11,000 posts

It really is amazing that these ships can fit through this area. ^^

Sorry folks - that's actually St Peters Church, Rue Balguerie, Akaroa. St Andrews church on Banks Peninsula is at Le Bons Bay.

Man, I love living in the Northwest :) She really makes Washington seem terrible though, lol. At least so far. So what if it usually rains? >.> So what if on some days, in an hour, it can rain, snow, hail, and then be sunny? So?!

.> <3 Washington.

Fair enough! Ostensibly I took your comment much the wrong way. Although I have many "issues" with the global warming arguments, my titled comment was in part tongue-in-cheek at the whole debate that's been going on. Notwithstanding, thank you for your interest in my photo(s)! :-)

This photo shows the Torlesse Range [north side], not Craigieburn Range. It looks in opposite direction to the other photo posted by same user. The other photo is correctly identified as Craigieburn Range. Thanks for the nice views.

Presented by T.J. Edmonds on 26 Sept 1926, celebrating his 50 years in Christchurch.

Yeah, dude... the thing is that the other person was asking if the church was supposed to be in the water so what i mean is that when the computer saved the location, it moved it towards the sea. I did not remember the dates related to the church...thanks for sharing it!

Yes, it was previously described as such in the title!--Sorry to say!


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