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None Prehistoric Rock Art in Iran (PETROGLYPHS) Rock Arts and Rock Museums Rock arts or petroglyphs are the oldest historical traces left behind from the ancient men. In other words, these rock arts vividly represent the very basis of the creation of secret writing systems, how to convey messages, the origin of language, history, myths and human cultures. The number of these arts amounts to twenty one thousand in the region of Khomein, some of them dated at about 4000 years ago.( Perfessor Marcel Ot) Man has not been able to discover such historical phenomena with such an antiquity up to now.

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very nice

Thank you very much. ibex ask for the water

Or, perhaps you wish to share yours with this petroglyph group

با سلام جهت محفوظ ماندن آثار مختصات دقيق منظور نظر من نيست. شاد باشي

سلام دوست من!زیبا عکس!قدرت طبیعت در عمل است.

اين دره ها احتمالا سنگ نگاره دارند.

Figure of an ibex with symbolic and long horn : Symbol of wanting water and generation and protection Location : Teymareh ( mountains around Khomeyn ) Photographer : Mohammad Naserifard Discovery Date : Spring 2008 Dating :Second Millennium B.C


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